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CompTIA CTT+ Exam Voucher

CompTIA CTT+ Certification CompTIA CTT+ Exam Voucher is a discounted, pre-paid exam ticket ID that you purchase ahead of time for less money than you would pay at the test center. Using a discount CTT+ exam voucher is a great way to save money on your CompTIA CTT+ certification and SuperVoucher saves you the most.

CompTIA CTT+ Voucher is also known as CompTIA CTT+ Exam Voucher, CompTIA CTT+ Test Voucher, or CompTIA CTT+ Discount Voucher.

Testing Centers - Pearson VUE

Our VUE CTT+ Exam Vouchers are redeemable at Pearson VUE testing centers only. CompTIA exams are delivered exclusively with Pearson VUE, and no longer available at Prometric testing centers. Please make sure of the testing center you are going to take your CompTIA CTT+ exam before purchasing the CTT+ exam voucher.

You may locate a Pearson VUE testing center near you.

CompTIA CTT+ Exam Voucher Super Bundle

All our CompTIA CTT+ Exam Vouchers are bundled with reference guide(s) without additional charge. CompTIA CTT+ Exam Vouchers are valid in US, Canada and Puerto Rico Only.

Our CTT+ Exam Voucher Super Bundle includes:

  • One CompTIA CTT+ exam voucher for one CompTIA CTT+ exam
  • Reference Guide: Super Glossary for CompTIA Exams (128 pages in pdf format)

North America Voucher   Retail     On-Sale     Voucher Expiry      Purchase   
CTT+ TK0-201 Voucher (VUE) $348 $297.95  2022/11 
CTT+ TK0-201 Voucher (VUE, Early Expiry) $348 $247.95  2022/1/31 
CTT+ TK0-201 Voucher (VUE, Early Expiry) $348 $259.95  2022/2/28 
CTT+ TK0-201 Voucher (VUE, Early Expiry) $348 $269.95  2022/3/31 
CTT+ TK0-202 Voucher (VUE) $371 $309.95  2022/11 
CTT+ TK0-203 Voucher (VUE) $371 $309.95  2022/11 

 1.  Exam vouchers, study guides, practice exams, online courses, and courseware are all Non-Refundable. Please read the Fine Print before purchasing the CTT+ Exam Voucher Super Bundle.
 2. CTT+ Exam Voucher will be delivered through email in 8 hours.

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