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I only own utility - sportswear. Nobody would believe it's really me in a "professional office" look. I have always been ready to jump into the ceiling or climb that radio tower to find out why the LAN or WLAN isn't working.

This is how it has played through my life. If a sales rep for Unitek College or where ever thought they had a student that thought I should look more office like, I told them to get another instructor.

I was a CTT years before CompTIA acquired CTT from isptpi. I have run this for over 10,000 folks and *never* failed to have candidates pass their exams, first time, every time.

I've been in computer before Bill Gates (Jr.). Thanks to my father with GE in the defense division and the U of PA.

I was in the Army during SE Asia. I didn't last long as a photographer, and got sent early to Ft. Lewis, WA. Literally because I could do a bit more than spell 'computer', I did some Army Time at the U of WA. (They had a computer already).

It just so happens that Bill Gates along with Paul had just dropped out of Harvard (the current CEO Steve B stayed till he graduated). Anyway, I really didn't care for Bill. However he was smart and so we're the others starting MS. I felt the most interesting guy was Bob Wallace. Later he left MS to start his own gig, and hired my then wife as a writer.

As I have an interesting background understanding the most powerful computer still in existence (the one between the ears), I split up writing tech and developing ways to 'program' the computer between the ears. (Without the extensive use of LSD which Bob and I both favored).

The LSD stuff did lead me to developing some interesting techniques in high-speed learning. That is a long story. For now lets just say I developed ways to train 65 to 150 people in one room to learn say, A+ and pass both exams in 32 class hours.

An org called A Better Computer Dealer (ABCD) later became CompTIA. Why is a long story as well.

Because of my being in the Seattle area and the need to grow techs quickly, I was popular.

The State of WA and Boeing were paying for training costs and were getting a 2% success rate. Someone in the state took it upon themselves to make some phone calls. Of the 2% group, 100% were my students.

That got the attention of CompTIA (and Prometric). My school was big enough to be running 6 testing seats, 7 days a week.

Prometric to this day, feels we were cheating and couldn't figure out how since we had zero failures on CompTIA exams that we taught.

In a form I was cheating, only it was legal. As I said, I know brains and how to program them.

In the 1990's MS was not a sponsor of CompTIA. They really wanted me to do something about that.

Since part of my brain programming success was from following the ibstpi standards, and that group couldn't market it way out of a wet paper bag....

CompTIA agreed to market it if the funding to take it over could be arranged.

Enter me.

After they got it, they changed it to Job Task Analysis.

IT has been interesting since Lutz left from being CompTIA CFO to take over Training and Cert from Janet at MS. I see Lutz is gone now too... Of course Prometric lost CompTIA (another long story)....

And that is about as brief as I can make a 40 year story from the Pacific NorthWest.

- Tcat Houser

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